How It Works

  • 1. Select How Would You Like To Consult

    Make A Selection

    Choose between Online Or Video As Your Preferred Mode Of Consultation

    Online Query Consultation

    Online Query Consultation - The consultant reviews your medical queries along with the other medical information shared and provides consultation through the portal within 24-48 hours

    Video Consultation

    Video Consultation - In this process, you upload your medical queries and other medical information when you book the consultation. The doctor consults with you on the day the consultation is scheduled

  • 2.Upload Medical Queries, Medicines Taken & The Reports

    Medical Query

    In this section you highlight specific medical questions you would like to ask the consultant

    Upload Necessary Reports

    In this section, you upload the necessary reports and the current medicines you are taking that will help the doctor answer to your queries

  • 3.Pay & Book Your consultation

    Online Query Consultation


    Online Video Consultation

    In this section, you select between Zoom and Skype as your mode of consultation.

    Pay For The Service

    In this final stage, you book the consultation by paying for this service.

  • 4. Consult With the Doctor

    Consultation Through Online Query

    In this consultation, the doctor reviews your queries along with the other information/reports shared by you. He replies back to you within 24-48 hours. In this form of consultation, you can ask 2 free follow up queries.

    Consultation Through Video

    In this form of consultation, the doctor reviews to your queries along with the reports/other information and consults with you through video on the day the consultation is booked. The consultation is initiated by the doctor and it lasts for 30 mins. So, to make the most of the consultation, please ensure the connectivity is strong enough..

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