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Dr. Dwaipayan Sen is currently the Clinical Lead of the Comprehensive Stroke Services in Salford Hope Hospital, UK which is currently the largest and busiest Stroke Centre in UK boasting of making nearly 5000 Stroke Assessments In a Year. His clinical duties within his consultant team is to provide medical care to stroke patients including emergency stroke care for which this unit excels. He has taken keen interest in all aspects of stroke care including medical care, stenting or operative management of Carotid arteries, uses of anticoagulant medication, investigations to detect cause of stroke etc. outside the remits of Stroke medicine. Dr. Sen has clinical interests in Dementia Syndromes, Parkinson’s Disease and other Parkinsonism Syndrome, Assessment of Falls and Maintaining Bone Health and specifically Neurological Diseases of the Elderly. He maintains interest and keeps himself up to date with all aspects of General Medicine which is needed to maintain professional competence of his day job.

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  • Stroke Medicine
  • Geriatric Medicine

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What Patients Says

Dr. Dwaipayan Sen is a renowned neurologist mainly brain stroke specialist, very caring as well as sincere on treating all his patients. He is very respectful & helpful doctor who can't be compared with any other doctors in Kolkata at least at present. This is obviously my personal observation. I am happy with all the consultations he provided. I am really grateful to him.
- Sekhar Ray, India, 10:51pm
My mom currently 82+ and suffering from Parkinson's disease for the last 6-7 years. She is under treatment of Dr. Dwaipayan Sen for more than last 4 years. She is much stable now and able to manage of her own. Thanks to the excellent professional care, treatment & advice of Dr. Sen. I found Dr. Sen as a professionally very competent person with a personal touch giving a different dimension of medical care and management. I am personally grateful to him and wish him all success in life.
- Kalyan Choudhury, India, 03:58pm
I have been consulting Dr. Sen for my mom since 2017. As far as my experience goes, he is undoubtedly, a very good doctor. He has taken very good care of my mom. The doctor-patient relationship is fantastic.The patient considers him as one from the family. This itself is a very rare quality. It would also be pertinent to mention that as a human being Dr. Sen is exceptional. As a doctor well settled abroad its only his humanitarian quality which forces him to come to India twice every year and see his patients. The way he inquires about affordability before prescribing an expensive medicine reflects how deep rooted a person Dr Sen is. I pray that Almighty gives him adequate strength to carry on the good work he is doing.
- Sudeep Kumar Dey, India, 12:35pm
My father is a patient of Dr. Dwaipayan Sen and is under treatment since 2017. His health condition has been improved significantly during this period of time. We are grateful to him for his follow up and willingness to answer our question. We always feel like we get plenty of time to explain our issues without feeling rushed and we have always been able to talk to Dr. Sen and get our problem resolved even when he is out of the country. Dr. Sen treats my father with tender loving care because he really does care. We have always been very satisfied with his attention that we have received. I just want to thank Dr. Dwaipayan Sen for providing such convenient care and being compassionate.
- Piyali De Bhattacharya,Kolkata, India, 5:15pm
Dr. Sen has been very responsible and caring for my husband since last 2 years. The way he took care of my husband in the Institute Of Neurosciences was recommendable. The most important aspect of Dr Sen. is always accessible unlike majority of the doctors. Last 1.5 years inspite of being outside of India, I faced no problem of getting his consultation over mail or WhatsApp. He also gives a clear picture of the disease/progress/chances of recovery to the patient's family and prescribes only the required medicines. Lastly he has an excellent behaviour towards his patients and their immediate family members.
- Rajat Kumar Bagchi, Kolkata, India, 7:10am
It was a unique experience to consult Dr. Dwaipayan Sen for my uncle who was suffering from a severe cerebral attack. The striking feature of Dr. Sen was his patience in hearing the patient with a calm and composed attitude. He spends ample time on each case and discusses elaborately the probable possibilities of each treatment. Considering he stays out of station, he promptly responses to medical queries placed before him. And finally, I must include here about Dr. Sen's personality with overall sweet and attractive behaviour which automatically generates faith in the patient and he is really a genius in geriatric treatment. I should mention Dr. Sen is one of the rare doctors of the recent days who have not converted themselves as money chasing machine.
- Onkarnath Choudhury, Malda, India, 9:42pm
Recently I consulted Dr. Dwaipayan Sen for my father in law who has been suffering from Parkinson for last 2 years. Initially, I contacted Dr.Dwaipayan Sen for his appointment through e-mail and amazed to see his answer within an hour with suitable guideline. It was an unbelievable experience of video conference with Dr. Sen. I appreciate Dr. Sen for his detail explanation about the route cause of the disease as well as it's remedies. His personality coupled with his great knowledge towards his subjects has been reflected in every words of his advice. Moreover his behaviour towards the patient as well as his family members build up a confidence in patient's mind. We are really grateful to Dr. Sen and will look forward to his advice further. I would also like to appreciate the support team of DocOasis for their very prompt response regarding all kind of helps. Many thanks again to Dr. Sen and the team.
- Dilip K. Sinha Mahapatra, Ph.D., India, 5:13pm

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