Ans: Medical Second Opinion is the additional consultation from another doctor regarding your current medical situation after the primary diagnosis

Ans: It is standard practice to get a medical second opinion. One can receive a second opinion face to face from a doctor by visiting him physically. Or you can get a remote or virtual second opinion by consulting specialists across the country.

Ans: Virtual Second Opinion is seeking a second opinion from a doctor virtually or remotely without visiting him physically. 

In this form of consultation, You send a summary of your health problem, current medicines you are on, tests results, imaging studies and a list of questions highlighting your concerns to whom you are engaging with for a second opinion.

The doctor reviews your medical case and the supporting evidence you provided and get back to you with their recommendation either through a written or video consultation. 


Generally, the outcome of the second opinion will either confirm the recommended treatment or it will suggest an alternative diagnosis/treatment


According to a case study by Mayo clinic it has been found that 88% of patients who requested for a medical second opinion went home with new or refined diagnosis that led to changing their care plan 12% receive confirmation that the original diagnosis was the right treatment plan


  • Sometimes when your symptoms persist, or the situation becomes worse after your medical consultation, it is better to get a second medical opinion. 
  • To confirm that your diagnosis and the recommended treatment is appropriate.
  • If you have been diagnosed with a rare condition to be aware of the availability of alternative diagnosis. 
  • If you want to be informed more on your disease and have not been communicated at the first instance, it is advisable to seek a second opinion
  • There are many neurological syndromes where confirmation by investigations or scans are not possible. .Diagnosis depends on the impression of a specialist from history and examination and circumstantial evidence from investigationDifferences in opinion may remain in certain cases in these scenarios. It is advisable to seek a specialist second opinion in these cases.

There are number of things to look for when selecting a doctor for a second opinion virtually

  • Doctor’s Credential: Look for doctor’s academic qualification, degrees.
  • Years Of experience: Years of experience in his field 
  • Doctor’s Speciality and Special Interests: A child neurologist is different from an elderly neurologist. So, it is crucial to understand the neurologist’s speciality and special interest 
  • Hospital Affiliation: The hospital to which he is currently associated with as that determines 
  • Online Reviews: As we cannot see the doctor physically, so the reviews will definitely help to guide what to expect when booking a virtaul  
  • Communication Skills: A doctor must be easily approachable, one with whom you feel comfortable talking and who shows absolute transparency in your treatment. Communication produces a more effective consultation for both patients and doctors. Effective communication not only improves satisfaction for both patient and doctor but it significantly increases improves health outcomes for patients.

When selecting a doctor online, it may be difficult to understand his communication skills. But, look for reviews which will shed some light about his communication skills.


DocOasis is platform where you get answers to your online medical questions either through online query or through video consultation

Here at DocOasis, you can get answers to your medical queries on

  • General Medicine
  • Neurological Diseases on Elderly
  • Stroke Medicine
  • Geriatric Medicine

The consultation involves

  • Review of Current Medical Problem & Any Relevant Past Medical Problem
  • Review of Reports
  • Review of Radiology Reports & Scan
  • Review of Current Medicines
  • Interaction with Specialist Consultant Through Online or Video Consultation
  • Provision of High Quality Opinion Based On Most Recent Medical Evidence Base

Here at DocOasis, you can get the Second Medical Opinion/Advice through Online Query or through Video Consultation. In order to Book A Consultation,

  • 1st Step: Select Between Online Query Consultation OR Video Consultation as your preferred mode of consultation by clicking on “Consult Specialist Now
  • 2nd Step: Provide patient details for whom the consultation is required along with the required medical information
  • 3rd Step: Pay and book the consultation. You will receive an email confirming the successful payment for the consultation
    Please Note:
  • With online consultation, you will receive answers to your medical queries within 24 – 48 hours. With this form of consultation you can request for 2 follow up queries from the doctor.
  • With video consultation, you consult the doctor on the day, the consultation is booked. This consultation lasts for 30 minutes and is being initiated by the doctor

Online Query Consultation: With this form of consultation, once the consultation is booked successfully the doctor reviews your case and replies to your medical queries within 24 – 48 hours from the consultation is booked. (Please Note: To help the doctor answer to your medical queries smoothly and swiftly, please provide as much as medical information you could related to your medical query when booking the consultation)
Video Consultation: With this form of consultation, once the consultation is booked sucessfully the doctor reviews your case and consults with the patient on the day the consultation is booked. The video consultation lasts for 30 mins and is being initiated by the doctor.
(Please Note: To make the most of the video consultation,

  • Please provide as much as medical information you could related to your medical query when booking the video consultation
  • Please try to be in front of the system few minutes before the consultation is being scheduled. Also ensure, the consultation takes place from a place where there is strong connectivity.

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