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Why Medical Second Opinion Matter?

Do You Know? Every year in US, 1 of every 20 adults receiving outpatient care experiences diagnostic error which can be either an inaccurate diagnosis or untimely diagnosis or failure to communicate a diagnosis to the patient. Diagnostic errors can cause serious physical harm, including death, either by a delay in appropriate treatment for a serious disease, or by provision of unnecessary, harmful treatments.


In a study conducted on Israeli patients with response rate 62%, it is found that clinical uncertainty or lack of communication is a reason for the patients seeking medical second opinion and not with the diagnosis itself. Communicating with the patient in a jargon free manner could reduce the need for patients seeking medical advice.


In a Mayo Clinic study, it is being found that

  • 88% of patients who requested for a medical second opinion went home with new or refined diagnosis that led to changing their care plan
  • 12% receive confirmation that the original diagnosis was the right treatment plan


According to a study by the latest Global Medical Second Opinion Market report it is being found that considering there is an increasing need for improved diagnosis and treatment planning, as well as employer pressures to reduce financial healthcare costs, the need for second opinion is predicted to grow at an annual compound rate of 18.2% between now and 2024.


Second Opinions have proven to be a valuable strategy for reducing medication errors. Moreover, patients seeking second opinion could lead to quicker access to live saving treatment or prevent unnecessary treatments in a way minimizing the impact that could result from diagnostic error



What Is Medical Second Opinion?


Medical Second Opinion is the additional consultation taken by the patient after the primary diagnosis. A second opinion about your health situation from another doctor helps you to compare the advices provided by both the medical specialists. You feel more confident if the results are the same but with a different view you get to know different medical options available to your health condition. 



When to consider a Medical Second Opinion?


  • Sometimes when your symptoms persist, or the situation becomes worse after your medical consultation, it is better to get a second medical opinion.


  • To ensure the planned treatment is the best option for you, it is better to seek a medical second opinion


  • If you have been diagnosed with a rare or life-threatening disease, for example, if you have been diagnosed with critical, chronic or degenerative health conditions and diseases such as cancer, AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, severe burns, stroke, coma, paralysis, Alzheimer’s disease, blindness, deafness, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, renal failure, speech loss, organ transplants, motor neuron diseases, it is advisable to seek a medical second opinion to be aware of the availability of the alternate diagnosis


  • If you not have been communicated properly about your condition or need more information about your disease, you should seek a medical opinion. In that instance


  • You can either ask your primary physician to help you suggest with another medical specialist whom you can seek advice from
  • For a health professional who does not require a referral from your doctor, you have the right to organise an appointment with another health professional without informing the first, if you wish. However, if possible, take any test results or scans with you.

But as a patient do you consider getting a medical second opinion? Sometimes it has been found out patients feel awkward as they think it might ruin the relationship between the patient and their primary doctor. But it is a common request. It is your absolute right to seek advice and be in charge of what happens to your body. Receiving the right diagnosis is a critical aspect of any patient’s healthcare



How Do I Get A Medical Second Opinion from A Doctor at DocOasis?


Step 1: Select How You Would Like to Book A Consultation Video/Online

Step 2:  Define Your Health Problems for Which You Need A Consultation

Step 3: Pay & Book Your Consultation

Step 4:

  • If You Have Booked A Query Online Consultation, doctor reviews your case and replies within 24 – 48 hours. With this consultation you can ask 2 Free Follow Up Queries
  • If You have booked a Video Consultation, doctor reviews your case and replies to you on the day consultation is booked. This consultation lasts for 30 minutes and is initiated by the doctor


Who at DocOasis will provide Medical Second Opinion and on what Speciality?


Here at DocOasis, Dr. Dwaipayan Sen Consultant Stroke Physician from UK will be providing answers to medical questions and provide you second opinion on your current medical queries raised in the portal. The specialities are Stroke Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Neurological Diseases in the Elderly and General Medicine.


Questions to Ask Doctor i.e. your Second Healthcare Provider?


  • If you have been diagnosed correctly?
  • If the tests are costly, try to find out if all of them are necessary?
  • What are the different options i.e. pros and cons of each if you have advised with different diagnosis options


Examples of Case Studies to see how people are helped with a medical second opinion.


Sometimes a story is not enough. We need to know the experiences people had with Dr. Dwaipayan Sen. Hence you can have a quick read here.


If you have any health queries related to Stroke Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Neurological Diseases in the Elderly and General Medicine, and need medical advice don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected]





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